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Buddha Statue

"In honouring the complexities of our human nature we come to understand, there are many routes home.

It stands to reason that we may require different modalities to reach optimum wellbeing". 

Here you will find dynamic wellbeing experiences, both the Still and the Wyld, not only in the sessions available but also in the founder, Mila, who embodies the calm and wild nature of her namesake.

Still Wyld Founder Mila Creates Dynamic and Beautiful Spaces for Wellbeing

A qualified Meditation Practitioner, Yoga Nidra instructor, Art Therapist & Dynamic Movement facilitator who has always been drawn to the deep rooted wisdom and elevated freedom that nature provides. 

Creating & facilitating alternative, dynamic spaces for over 20 years.

Some of which involve one to one sessions in the jungle of North Thailand, Red tent gatherings along the Pai river, Ecstatic movement in Malaysia, Buddhist philosophy in Dharamsala, Candle lit yurt meditations, Forest immersion and the much loved "Floating Meditations".  


With a flare for creating beautifully held spaces, you will be sure to find unique & authentic experiences here at Still Wyld.

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